Warren’s History Harvest

The Warren Historical Society is holding its first History Harvest in order to build a people’s history of Warren. Please come and share your family’s heirlooms associated with Warren. We’ll photograph or scan them and return them unharmed. An antique appraiser will be on hand to appraise and document the items presented. Whether it’s an old photograph showing Warren people or places, a tool used on a Warren farm or an item of clothing worn by an early Warrenite or best of all a piece of Warren lore handed down in the oral tradition of your family. The society will keep only the photo and story. The item is returned to its owners.

In searching through your family’s Warren memorabilia in preparation for our History Harvest, here are a few pieces of information the Society would like to know about your heirloom:
1) what is this object (if it’s unclear) and when does it date from?
2) how did it come into your or your family’s possession?
3) why is this object significant to you or your family?
4) what stories or memories do you associate with this object?