Historical Collection

Glimpses into Warren’s almost 225 years of history are captured in its permanent collection, which contains material related to local families, homes and businesses. Objects in the collection include paintings, textiles and other domestic arts, tools and other household and commercial items as well as items of archeological interest. The gun collection of Robert Swift [1859 – 1918] was presented by his son Herbert Belden Swift.
The archival collection is comprised of primary and secondary sources including
maps and surveys

  • wills, diaries and family bibles
  • the research notes of Howard Whitney
  • interments in the Warren cemetery
  • history of the Warren Church including the original sermons of Revered Peter Starr from 1772 to 1829
  • school history including some early school rosters and tax lists and assessments
  • extensive newspaper clippings
  • files on antique homes, properties and town buildings
  • account books of warren merchants and businesses
  • histories of Warren clubs and organizations
  • lists of Warren veterans from the French and Indian War forward